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The National Children's Choir

Camogie Fun!!

Playground Fun

We just love playing with our pals in the yard.


We are taking part in a STEM pilot... [more]
We asked our 5th and 6th classes to... [more]
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To take a virtual tour of Dublin and... [more]
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Our 5th classes used their inquiry skills to discover how to make 'The Best' parachutes. Great work!

IMG_2490 parachute

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Planting 1 Million Trees

Congratulations to the 5th class who planted a tree each at Seagrange Park last month. The project, coordinated by Orla Farrell, is called 'Plant for the Planet, Trees for Climate Justice' and the aim is to plant one million trees representing the one million children in Ireland by 2020. For more information or to get involved... Read more